Study Room

The faith knowledge Prabodhini has developed a well-researched study for the students and there is a peaceful atmosphere for the study. There is a separate meeting arrangement for each student. While making available the necessary books, periodicals to the students studying competitions, Xerox facilities have been made available with the help of internet and information services.

In today’s vocational education system, good quality elementary education is also going away. Therefore, the middle class, low middle class and economically backward classes are being deprived of education. In such a small house there is no reason to study quietly because the students of this family are staying behind.In such unfavorable conditions, there is a well established study center for students belonging to specially backward and weaker sections who are studying hard.

The aim of the study is to create a strong position in the mainstream of the society by achieving success in competing examinations, and by completing other vocational education. At the end of March 31, 2015, the number of students studying in the study is 143.

Disha educational activities

“Direction Education Program”, run by Smt Sudha Mehta and her colleagues in collaboration with the Trust Knowledge Academy of Research and Research, Nashik, is a novel initiative. This initiative has been continued for the purpose of encouraging workers, laborers and laborers, especially in Anganwali and low-middle class people in the neighborhood and children and girls of economically and socially disadvantaged sections, to fulfill their formal schooling and to be motivated to pursue higher education.

Vishwas Knowledge Academy of Prabodhini and Research, Nashik and Trust Co-op. Bank ltd This program is supported by various levels for the successful completion of this project. Founder Chairman of Trust Bank Mr. Trust Thakur is constantly participating in guiding and guiding the educational activities.
The direction of education is the result of this direction which is taught by the students who have studied in this program. Also, many students who have benefited from this initiative are very enthusiastic to complete their next education, while some students have been successful in getting a job.

It is expected that these types of activities should be started in various parts of Nashik. Good quality education will be provided to the meritorious students who can not afford to pay fees for the private classes so that students of economically weaker sections will become more educated about education.

It is the responsibility of the entire society, not the responsibility of the academic venture or trust knowledge of the Academy of Research and Research, to run this innovative venture. We have taken a small portion through this project. This effort has been continuously going on since last eight years due to this pure feeling. The documentary “Land of the Stars” providing information about this project has been prepared.

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