Women Empowerment

Mahila Sakshamikarn Women empowerment is an important initiative of the organization to create women’s own strong position in the society, and to get women to see themselves in a broader perspective, and to make positive changes in collaboration with each other.

Women’s empowerment is an important initiative of the organization to create women’s own strong position in the society, and to get women to see themselves in a broader perspective.

50% reservation has been given to women in Local Body Institutions. Through this, women will be participating in the local self government institute. The organization’s leadership of women is being more efficient, giving priority to issues of development and organizing various activities through various initiatives.

Syllabus under Women Empowerment and Leadership Development Program
Women’s leadership development courses for active women in the process of change of social and political leadership:

Duration : One year
For more information on admission application and course, please contact the organization’s address.

Guidance and interview training of women commandos

Thursday, December 6/07/2017
The first woman commando trainer Dr. India has said that every woman should fight the struggle to overcome self-confidence by removing the feeling of traditional insecurity and achieving the goal of life. Seema Rao has done.

Dr. Rao further said that despite the increase in the number of insecurity in the society, women need to be prepared to meet those challenges. Combining the power of self, skill and courage, the newcomers should be alive Journalist Vaishali Balajiwale, Dr. Rao interviewed. They said that there was a lot of patriotism and domestic help in the house. The father got inspiration from being a freedom fighter.

Everyone is thinking about Sky is the Limit. And should move towards success. He proposed the need to adopt disciplines for them. On this occasion Nashik Police Commissioner Ravinder Singhal, Dr. Border Rao was felicitated by the Police Commissioner Ravindra Singhal in the form of a certificate. The Treasurer of the Reading Certificate of the Mantra Dr. Sudhir Shanklecha did it. Prashant’s work president, trust Thakur, Dr. Manoj Shimpi, Dr. Nivedita Pawar etc. were present.

Shravan Celebration

Saturday, dt. 29/07/2017

The green shawl, dressed in matching tones, dressed in purple clothes, decorated with decorated clothes, decorated with funnier decorations, more than one glueous henna design drawn on the hand, along with the culture of Mangalagauri game, reminiscent of Shravan, and songs with dance artists. The gossip and the rewards of the rewards are an enjoyment to be chubby in this enchanting environment Deep fried.

The occasion was the day Shravan Sobhala Mahotsav was organized in the presence of Lokmat, Nashik Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan Mumbai, Regional Center Nashik and Trust Co-op Bank Ltd., Nashik, Trust Gyan Prabodhini and Research Institute, Nashik, Saraswat Bank and Radio Vishwas 90.8 Community Radio. On the occasion of the presentation of the music, songs of music and various art shows, to get the freedom of women’s artworks, to celebrate Shravana’s splendor, it was organized.

In it women reported spontaneous response. The women who earned special skills in this were honored. The inauguration ceremony of the Shravan Festival was done by the trust of Vishwas Thakur. On this occasion, Dr. Manoj Chopra, Lokmat B.B. Chandak, Vijay Baviskar, Yoga practitioner Pradnya Patil and others were present.

Ganesh Vandana from Vocal letter and dance form

Thursday, dt. 17/08/2017

Through three artists, the ceremony was performed in different colors of the Shravagnas on the stage.
On the canvas of the well-known calligrapher Achyut Palav, many forms of the canvas, while introducing the form of Ganesha from various letters, Mina Parulekar-Nikam was being worshiped like a Ganesha.

In addition to this, the invention of vowel-dance is evident in the accompaniment of the classical and meaningful presentation of the famous dancer Kirti Bhawalkar and her endurance and the fame of Amol Palekar and all their supporters. Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan Mumbai, Regional Center Nashik, Sawadana Foundation, Nashik Trust Co-op.bank Ltd. An innovative program was organized in collaboration with Nashik, Kusumagraj Pratishthan, Trust Gyan Prabodhini and Research Institute, Saraswat Bank and Radio Vishwas 90.8 Community Radio.

Then the presentation on the actual stage started. Many songs have been presented, like Ish, the first, Vandito, Ganapatiraya Padate I found, Ganaraj Rangi dance, Sur Niragas, Dev Shree Ganesha, Bappa Moria Ray, Chikomati Mal, Tim Tim Timboali, Suni Taur, Ashtavinayaka, and glory.

Paper Bag Making Workshop

Wednesday, 01/01/2014
Providing opportunities for women’s basic workforce is to strengthen their economic growth process. For this, Sewa Pratishthan Sansthan should initiate various training camps and workshops and help empower women.

Organized by organizing this training workshop with the aim of using paper bags to preserve the environment. Organizing this training workshop was done by the organization. More than 100 women recorded spontaneous participation in this.

‘World Women’s Day’

Breast Disorders Lecture – Dr. Chandrakant Sankalacha (d.8 / 3/14)
In today’s changing lifestyle, women need to consciously pay attention to their health.

Incomplete information about illness, failure to adhere to a doctor’s advice, and to delay the diagnosis of illness, complicates the nature of complaints. In today’s world the number of breast cancer is increasing.

It is necessary to create wider public awareness. It is easy to diagnose using modern technology. Women should take the initiative to deny traditional understanding of cancer.

With the approval of World Women’s Day, lecture was organized with slide show on ‘Breeding Disorders’ by well-known gynecologist Dr. Chandrakant Sanklecha. At this time, Dr. Sanklecha gave answers to various questions asked by women and resolved their doubts.

Women empowerment

Women empowerment is an important initiative of the organization to create women’s own strong position in the society, and to get women to see themselves in a broader perspective, and to make positive changes in collaboration with each other.

To develop effective Women Transformational leadership with the objective to mobilize the social leadership process, there is a one-year ‘Effective Women Transformational Political Leadership Development Course running and working under various training and projects as per the requirement.

Local Government has got 50% women reservation in the local body. Through this, women are going to participate in direct power. The organization is contributing to the development of women through the medium of various initiatives to make this political leadership more efficient, prioritizing the issues of development and making it more comprehensive.

1) Women Leadership Development Training Workshop – first phase

The sole aim of developing women’s transformational political leadership with the aim of mobilizing the social leadership process is to develop a leadership role in women’s development. Through this syllabus, women have been provided with open opportunities for free co-education. This event was concluded on Thursday, August 20, 2015 to Sunday, 23 August 2015 at Hotel Royal Heritage, Shalimar, Nashik.

In this course 39 women coordinators have participated as trainees. Honor the birth of the woman, the pioneer of the movement and the director of ‘Man Kanhaiya Trust’, Ma. Sudha Konkariya How do the trainees develop their own leadership while selecting and maintaining ideals? Guided by this. How to manage stress-stress? It’s made clear.

In the second semester of the course, the coach Rajesh Hivre conducted a group discussion with the trainees on ‘Leadership style and process of change’ and gave guidance about the skills required for leadership development. How to give interview in the third session? In this regard, Ajit (Dada) Pawar was interviewed for 24 hours on TV news channel.

2) Women’s Leadership Development Training Workshop – second phase

The second phase of training under the Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Development Program From 08 October 2015 to Sunday In the period 11 October 2015, trust was being done at the place of residence, Thakur residency. In this program 35 women coordinators have participated in the program as trainees. In the post-inauguration session, Anita Pagare gave guidance about ‘women’s empowerment, concept, scope, current status’. Speaking on this topic, he said that Savitribai flowers should be done as per their wish, without thinking of what Savitribai society would say. Similarly, every woman should consider the society by doing whatever she thinks appropriate.

Interview in the last session, how to give a speech Ajitadada, Ma. Gopinath Munde, Ma. Pankaja Palve Munde, Ma. Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ma. Arun Jaitley, Ma. Pictures of Ghulam Nabi Azad, his speech and election campaigning were shown.

3) Women’s Leadership Development Training Workshop – third phase

The third phase of training under the Women Empowerment and Leadership Development Program is Thursday, 26th November, 2015 to Sunday. Hotel S in the period November 29, 2015. M. Imperial, H.P. Petrol was carried out at Pampasari, Sarda Circle, Nashik.

In the training session, Datta Balasaraf guided the trainees about ‘History and Status of Women’s Rights Movement’. While addressing this, she explained the movement of women and people like Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Such a period of Ambedkar nationalism and Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar was unraveled.

Also, in 1975, the first World Women Council held in Mexico and its important equality, literacy, education growth, elimination of gender discrimination, employment, etc., provided the trainees present in the context.

In addition, the women’s organization established in 1985, the first women’s policy in the country of 1994, explained the women’s liberation movement, and pointed out the present status of women.

In the training session, Sanjiv Latkar guided the learners about ‘How to Prepare and How to Prepare Political Party’s Announcements and How to Use Its Political Party’s Declaration’.

4) Women Empowerment and Leadership Development Training Workshop – fourth phase

Women’s leadership development course training workshop under the Women Empowerment and Leadership Development Program, jointly organized by Yashaswini Social Campaign and Trust Knowledge Academy of Research and Research. The Hotel Shantidutt Inn, Nashik, was held on 28th to 31st January 2016. Women participated in this workshop from various districts of Maharashtra. In this workshop, Honorable Neelam Gorhe expressed her thoughts on the ‘Position of women in politics’. In the local bodies, it took 12 years for 33% to 50% reservation, and 50% of the total population was women.Even if it is low due to female feticide, about 50% of you may feel, but in politics, women’s position is 4 to 5%. An equation is considered to be a good wife, and the shallow women marry politicians.

As a family, as is the secondary place in society, it is also in politics, but it has changed the picture of women’s reservation. This was stated by MLA Neelam Gorhe.

She further said that there is a situation like OBC, AC, ST in women reservation. Therefore, it is prepared for such women in each party. If there is no reservation for women, their husbands or relatives will come forward.

In such a case, husband and wife, grandfathers, former election fighters, become mayor chairmen, women have to learn how to bear stress and how to overcome it, physical and emotional stresses leading to political leadership

In this workshop, Neela Satyanarayana guided the subject of ‘Indian election system, ethics and reservation’. Campaign coordinator, Ushatai Darade, gave guidance on how women reservation and elected women should be ruled by the government.

Yashaswini Social Mission Director, Vishwas Thakur said that women’s leadership development, training workshops have been organized in the field of politics, quality management and social work for new direction of women’s work. It is important that women have proved their uniqueness in various fields.

5) Women Empowerment and Leadership Development Training Workshop – fifth phase

Under the Women Empowerment and Leadership Development Program, the last phase of the training was carried out from March 31 to April 3, 2016 at the clubhouse, Thakur Residence, Gangapur Road, Nashik. In the training session of the women co-ordinators participating in this program, Jayashree Tadelkar, YASHADA, Pune guided about ‘Right to information, public interest litigation and other laws and rights’.

At this time, she said that women should be aware of their rights and how to use the right to information while working in political, social field, the purpose of PILs should be social welfare.
In the next session, Bhagyashree Keeng gave guidance on ‘Effective Use of Computer, Mobile Internet’. In the meantime, he said that in the light of the internet, mobile revolution, what happens in any part of the world today is understandable. This medium is very effective and its use can easily ease many things. So women make a technosavi.

The need for a group organization, and build

The second training schedule for ‘Generation Generation Volunteers’ On December 4, 2015, Trust Gyan Prabodhini and Research Institute, Nashik Training Center, Gangapur Police Station premises, Anandvalli Shivar, Nashik-13.

According to the trust knowledge organized by the Academy of Research and Research, Nashik, volunteers who want to create their own ideas for the girls need a group organization to understand how each person likes his likes and disciplines and how to perform roles according to him.

This was the first time that new faiths came in contact with the knowledge Prabodhini. On behalf of the Momentum Institute, Anita Pagare trained on the behalf of Energy Patil and Trust Knowledge Academy.
Nilesh and Ranjeet worked as Trustee of Lord Jagannath, Sachin Hande of Dnyaneshwar Prabodhini, Dnyaneshwar Shirsat and Yashaswini. 71 girls were present in this training.

It is difficult in the present day to give girls more time to go out, except to go to college, giving more time for their own development. In this training, it is in this training that an organization should try to maximize the time available, remember each person’s choice for organizing, and the ability of the maximum girls to use skill, to give them the experience of the girls through experience. Girls took part in all the sport.

Vishwas co-op in the same training Girls interviewed the founder president of the bank, Mr. Vishwas Thakur.

What can I do to justify gender equality?

In the next course of the series ‘Creation Generation Swayamvikarakkha’, the faith knowledge and research institute of Nashik, how did man and woman become uneven in society, why every human being behaves in a particular way? Why do men oppress women? It was necessary to understand these volunteers. As a volunteer, it is necessary to know about the social mobilization of the society as well as the social structure of every person in the society, so this training will be done on the subject ‘Social Linguistics’.

In this training, Gender coach Rajesh Hivere and Anita Pagare have jointly organized this training. Where are the trainers in this training before men and women inequality? How do you look or feel?
After explaining it through participatory methods, it was explained by the game ‘Simran The Boyfriend’ to understand the social upheaval. Every person is born in a very thoughtful way, but the society, as it is, has the opportunity to develop itself, that person is courageous, that is why the rubbish and the rubbish etc happen. It was absorbed in this training. A total of 66 volunteers participated in this training.

Celebration of ‘Happy’ Youth Meet

Introductory: Opening the newspapers daily, I saw the news of the abuse of one girl. If the atrocity is to be stopped, then it is necessary to change the mindset of society. In the society 100 women are oppressed and 12 women report their abuse against them in the related police station. As long as this ratio does not increase, there will be no seriousness and serious sensitivity about this subject in the related system.

In fact, to handle women’s issues, it is necessary to have a specialist with this subject, full time working, all necessary facilities and equipment available. In order to implement all these measures, ‘Junking Festivals, 2016’ has been organized for the purpose of awareness among the women in the entire society.

Happy Anniversary 2016?

Savitribai and Jyotiba Phule started the school for girls and introduced the women’s liberation movement and social change. Since then, the feminist movement has Women or total society can be free from inequality This belief has certainly created some elements of society. Women are still involved in many problems, they want to solve, but this is a celebration for celebrating the achievement of the struggle till now. So it was celebrated with the name ‘Happy Celebration 2016’.

Celebration of Celebrations 2016

This event is organized by the women. From the promotion of celebration, they have successfully set up stalls, building material for stalls and conducting stalls. Inauguration of the celebration is the social leader. With the help of Supriyatai Sule, students of class 6 of the students of Mai Lale Shravan Vikas Vidyalaya and the students of Gharakul Mental Impulse Priyanka Jadhav, and the students of Std Vidyalay, Shruti Nerkar have formulated a project. Along with the leadership qualities of Supriya Sule, no disabilities should be enjoyed in life without fear and should constantly think about the welfare of humanity as per their welfare.

Thakur said, while welcoming and introducing the introductory speech, ‘Celebrating the Funerals’ is a platform for giving a thought and a wise direction to its careers for creating a new feeling in the girls. Work is done through unity. Increase the affection of girlfriends and through this movement, this movement takes the community to a certain goal. Yashaswini Social Campaign’s Chief Coordinator, Ushatarai Darade, President of Nashik Zilla Parishad, Vijay Shree Chumbale, Bhupabal Knowledge City’s Shefali Bhujbal, Aroma Fergus’s Drinking Water Sangeeta Datar, Prof. Ramesh Upadhyay J.M.C.T. Rauf Patel and others were present on the occasion.

1600 women participated in this gathering. What does education mean by volunteers in total 15 stalls? What is cyber crime and its solutions, what is the meaning of syndrome, menstrual cycle and related care, pre-mediation counseling, trauma, body identification, gender bias in the division of work, etc?
Nashik Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik Police Commissioner, Nashik, informed that the Police Department should know the police department’s work in this celebration of ‘Happy Celebration 2016’. A detailed interview of Ambika and her three colleagues was conducted. To get information about self-protection, the ‘Karateche’ organized by Lions Club, Nashik, was organized by Ujjaji Patil. In the concluding session, ‘Right to P’ Mumbai worker Mumtaz Shaikh and Sangli’s group of women’s entrepreneurs Snehal Londhe presented their experiences in front of youngsters and also gave answers to the questions asked by the women.

Maid worker training

This program was organized with the aim of organizing training on various issues, working on their issues, working with them to get the necessary help for needy girls who can not afford healthcare, social inequality, poverty and ignorance. In this training, the girls presented their experiences, work experience and the organizations that have to work with them in the future. To introduce this workshop, expert lecturers of Empowers were present.

‘Yuvati Sakshmikikan’ lecture at Senior College, Makhmalabad College, Nasik

Trustees of Ananda Pagare of Bijoya Jnan Prabhani were present on the subject ‘Yuvati Empowerment’ under the ‘Nirbhay Kanya’ scheme of Savitribai Phule Vidyapeeth, Pune’s Pharmacy College, Maratha Vidya Prakrakak. 120 to 130 students and representatives from the institute’s college took advantage of this workshop. Also, for the ‘Nirbhay Kanya’ lecture, under the Student Welfare Scheme of Savitribai Phule, Pune University, Pune, Anita Pagare of the Academy lectured for the students of Senior College, Makhmalabad College, Nashik. In which he is fearless? Why build fearless? Interact with the girls who are on the topic and have the exact fear. In this, 50 to 55 girls and 10 teachers participated.

International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Maharashtra State Livewill Mission, Nashik Division organized a women’s gathering at the Nivrutinath Maharaj Temple, Trimbak, with the initiative of Trimbak Nagar Municipal Corporation.

Around 80 to 90 women participated in this gathering. Nashik Women’s Lawyers Association’s Adv. Indraani Patani presented the theme of ‘Women’s Laws’ and ‘trustee’s need for professionalism’ by Mrs. Anita Pagare on behalf of the trust knowledge Prabodhini.

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